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Daryl Fuller

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of theme development, it’s time to start digging deeper into the world of themes. This section covers all of the basic theme functionality that you’ll need to consider while creating your theme:

Meghan Porter

Sometimes a term is used in more than one context and must be translated separately in other languages, even though the same word is used for each context in English. For example, the word Post can be used both as a verb “Click here to post your comment” and as a noun “Edit this Post”. In such cases the _x() or _ex() function should be used. It is similar to __() and _e(), but it has an additional argument — the context:

WordPress Functionality Plugins
Delia Gonzales

Why would you want to spend the time building a plugin when putting your functionality in your `functions.php` file is so easy? The big advantage is that you can reuse your functionality from theme to theme. When updating/changing your theme, some code in the `functions.php` will stay the same and some will change. The idea behind a functionality plugin is to take the functionality that will not change from theme to theme, and place it into a plugin. That way instead of sorting through your `functions.php` file for what you want to keep, you can just dive into the design of your new theme.

High End Premium
WordPress Themes
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