WordPress Themes Optimized for Performance

10 Ways to Optimize WordPress Theme for Maximum Performance
Minh Snider

WordPress mainly deals in providing customization tools for several websites and blog themes. Now, gone are the days where making changes to the website was a daunting task and require a tremendous amount of time. Nevertheless, WordPress has been programmed to carry out the changes easily. It also has the competence to install plugins that permit company owners to make various forms of additions to their websites or blogs like that of pictures, applications, maps and quite a lot many things.

How to optimize the performance of your WordPress theme and website
Caterina William

WordPress is a very powerful and most popular content management system to build incredible websites, currently running on more than 28% of all websites on the internet. But it is also a heavy ship loaded with tons of features, scripts and stylesheets. If you are using a complex and bloated WordPress theme with various included scripts and stylesheets, it may increase the loading time of your website even more, because all that additional stuff needs to be loaded when someone visits your website. This eventually may lead to performance issues which could affect user experience.

9+ SEO Optimized WordPress Themes for Businesses, E-Commerce or Anyone Else Who Wants To Be Seen
Amber Wagner

The theme is optimized for SEO, but a few other elements stand out as well. Social media buttons are integrated into the design, prompting people to share your content and building credibility when more people share your stuff. The shortcodes come in handy when trying to build a website quickly and the author box has been known to boost search engine rankings since it makes it more obvious as to who has written the articles. You’ll also notice the Yosemite theme provides breadcrumbs which guide people through your site. This is another signal for the search engines that your site is well structured. In terms of customization, the Yosemite WordPress theme has unlimited colors and background options, making it perfect for developers of all experience levels. The retina ready icons and Google Fonts work nicely for branding, which is another area you should focus on for search engine recognition. Overall, the Yosemite theme is one of the top choices if you’re looking for SEO features packed into one beautiful theme.

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