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WPBeginner is now Powered by MaxCDN
Sirena Clinton

This does speed up the site even when you don’t think it is doing it. When we were all based on one central server, upon every traffic hit, the entire site would slow down. For example, hitting the Front Page of Digg would cause the site to slow down for other users due to increase server load. Most articles that go viral, don’t just go viral in one network. Now you have Stumbleupon, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reddit and others sending you heavy traffic all at once, impact those users who come from search engines looking for something else. In that term, CDN help a lot. Normally, you can achieve almost similar page load time with just having the right caching and .htaccess settings, but with CDN and correct .htaccess / caching setting (you are pretty much assured a faster site)

30% of The Web Is Now Powered By WordPress
Jacob Stone

[…] 30% of the web is now powered by WordPress The days when WordPress was used primarily for blogging are over. Today it’s the dominant CMS that powers 30% of the web. What was once a blogger’s CMS is now used to create digital experiences by 37% of Alexa’s top 100 sites. Consider this. It is believed that there are nearly 2 billion websites online today. Given that the world’s population is approximately 8 million, that’s one website for every 4 people. No other CMS is as immense and all-encompassing; WordPress is responsible for nearly 60% […]

Indistinguishable from Jesse
Ernest Cook

Improved look and I’m sure features as well, but usability of the Burning Edge page has gone down for me. It’s too narrow for my 1600×1200 screen. Before I had every bug entry have it’s own line, and I’d have 2 days worth of fixed/unfixed bugs on my screen. Now even a day’s worth of fixed bugs doesn’t fit, and it’s hard to judge how many of them there are because of all bug description wordwrapping.

MaxCDN Support
Angelic Beyer

The following resources apply to the legacy MaxCDN service and portal. If in doubt, chat with an
If you are a MaxCDN customer, you can aslo submit a support ticket.
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