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5 Best WordPress Giveaway Plugin 2019 (Free & Premium)
Hilaria Demers

These WordPress giveaway plugins will allow you to create and run giveaways on your WordPress powered site for both digital and physical products. Your users can easily participate in your giveaway through email and their social profiles (whichever they want). You can quickly select the winner with just a click of a button when your giveaway ends, and you can also export the list of participants and entries to the mailing database once the giveaway is over and can use the same data for the future reference. These WordPress giveaway plugins also allow you to add the giveaway anywhere on your site with the help of a shortcode. Check out these amazing WordPress giveaway plugins and choose your favorite WordPress giveaway plugin from the below list.

Alexander Bradford

For WordPress, be sure to enter the day number in the User’s birth day field, and the month number in the User’s month number field. It’s easy to put the numbers in the wrong places. Also be sure not to include a leading zero in the numbers. It is possible that no-one visited your site on that birthday. With some WordPress installations someone needs to visit your site every day to trigger the email send every day. You may need to add this to your wp-config.php file, if your site doesn’t get visited every day: define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true); I had to add this to my own blog site.

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