WordPress Live Customizer

Margaret Barker

Ans: Press refresh, and clear the cache. It happens for reasons like, if:
* You use any caching plugin
* Your server has some cache generation
* You are using CloudFlare
So, just clear the cache and press refresh button on your browser a few times.

Salvador Moore

TM Style Switcher is a WordPress plugin, which allows users to save their theme settings…

Using the WordPress live customizer in the Hueman theme
Tomas Robbins

Not only this, you can also apply a set of options to a group of similar contexts like : all pages, all posts, all tags, all categories, all authors, … A typical use of this is to display a large header with title and image background to all your posts, and keep a normal header for all other contexts. ( learn more about  header background design in Hueman Pro )

How to Use the WordPress Customizer: A Complete Guide for 2017
Phil Pearson

Just one more thing before we get cracking – note that the Customizer’s functionality relies largely on how much effort the active theme’s developers have put into utilizing it. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using our own IsleMag theme, which makes excellent use of the Customizer.

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