Why We Use the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Genesis Framework
Lori Moran

We have been following Brian Gardner since the time of Revolution Themes. We always loved his work. He had been a great contributor to the community with countless free themes that he released. But that is also true for Chris Pearson and his work with popular free themes such as Cutline. We wanted something that was robust and not too clunky with options. We are a group of in-house developers, so we can take care of most things. We didn’t want to clutter our theme with options panel and such. In the end, we had to decide between Thesis theme and Genesis framework. Both are great frameworks, however we found Genesis to be more “RAW”. It did not come with a lot of built-in options. It was simple yet robust. We could add any option if we needed it, but nothing was forced on us. That was exactly the type of theme framework we were looking for.

7 Reasons I Switched to the Genesis Framework by StudioPress
Eduardo Baker

Again, having microdata markup on your website is something that may not mean anything to you, but is critical for how websites function “behind the scenes” and what allows potential readers to find your website and blog on search engines like Google and Bing. I won’t bore you with the details of what this is, but suffice it to say that microdata markup from Schema.org is one way of labeling the various parts of your website and blog so that search engines know what is what. Keeping search engines happy is one of the primary keys to getting traffic from Google and Bing, and they LOVE having the various parts of your blog marked up with Schema.org markup. In fact, many believe that Schema.org markup will become one of the primary ranking factors in the future of search engine results.

Genesis Framework Review: The Powerful WP Framework for Web Professionals
Taylor Hodges

The codes are not only well-commented, but they are also clean to ensure faster loading. To ensure that your website runs at maximum speed, the codes are even compressed. A faster loading website is very important because just a minute of delay will make your visitors abandon your site immediately, making you lose revenue.
Furthermore, the codes are also clean and readable so it’s easy to edit and customize by your developers and webmasters. A clean code ensures the speed and dynamism of your website to whatever changes will be made that will make your business competitive in the global market.

Genesis Framework Review – Why Using A Genesis-Powered WordPress Theme (By StudioPress) Is The Smart Thing To Do
Morris Nelson

Genesis Framework is a WordPress Framework that lets you quickly and easily design SEO-friendly WordPress sites. By using a Genesis theme (I use StudioPress’ Outreach Pro), I don’t have to worry about whether my theme has good SEO, load times, or security. I know it comes with everything a framework should have and that I won’t be “taken for a ride” like I have with themes by unreliable developers.

Why you should use the Genesis Framework for WordPress
Angel Sanders

These plugins are specially built to integrate with Genesis framework so that you don’t have to mess with your theme files. For example, Genesis has over 50+ hooks and filters that let you put content or ads into certain parts of your site, such as “before header,” “after header”, “before post”, “after post,” etc. The best way to get to grips with this is to use Genesis Visual Hooks plugin. If you want to modify certain areas in your theme such as “the post-info (byline)”, “the post-meta”, and “the footer area”, you can use the Genesis simple Edits plugin to do so.

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