Why We Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Ebony Austin

Knowing your audience and what they want is an important success factor for any website. The best way to know your audience is through your traffic stats and this is exactly what Google Analytics provide for FREE. There are plenty of stats softwares and plugins, but we believe that Google Analytics is a must have for every blog.

Introduction to Google Analytics
Sonia Boone

Analytics Ninja LLC was founded by Yehoshua Coren out of a desire to bring his passion for analytics and success in Internet marketing to a larger audience. Learn more…

Why We Use Google Analytics?
Everett Curtis

These are some of the ways you can use the Google analytics. The tool is great for use and that you can use it for free. For using the premium version, you need to buy the version. But then even if you use the free version, there are a range of ways you can get the benefits. Where else is another tool which is free and is equipped with so many features like Google Analytics and is so much feature? So, it can be said that if you want to use Google Analytic for pinpointing the improved variety of ways to understand the data and then use it to properly customize your sources; the traffic to your website improves.

Why Your Google Analytics Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)
Jacquelynn Padgett

Or you installed your Google Analytics or Global Site Tag code on your website a couple of days ago and you’re still not seeing any data in your reports.

P.S. Once you have successfully installed the tracking code on your site, it can take up to 24 hours for data to show up in your regular reports.

If your Google Analytics is not working as expected and your data isn’t showing up in reports, you can quickly go through this troubleshooting guide and effectively pinpoint the culprits behind your traffic drop.

Why use segments in Google Analytics?
Antonetta Mull

If you want to know which pages people coming from organic search visit, you need to find another way. A segment helps you to narrow down the aggregated data Google Analytics shows, into data you want to see and need, to answer a specific question you have. You can use that segment throughout the sections, the segment doesn’t get lost when switching between sections. For instance, if we want to know which source customers who bought on of our SEO training courses came from, we can create a segment of people who bought one of the eBooks we used to sell. By applying that segment and looking at the Acquisition – Source/Medium section, we can conclude that most of our eBook customers came from a newsletter. Goodbye frustration!

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