Why We Use Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT
Sheri Cook

Breadcrumb Navigation shows the visitor their path to the current content location. You can see it in action right above this page’s title. It looks something like Home » WPBeginner’s Blueprint … Breadcrumb navigation has proven to be really useful for users. Most of the time our users don’t come to a specific post or page through our homepage. Often they find the content linked from somewhere else (another website, social networks, search results). But it is our job to give users a proper navigation path, so they can look at other content on our site. Breadcrumb Navigation also helps SEO because it is simply another way of internal linking. It helps the search crawler find other pages on your site.

Delia Gonzales

Breadcrumb NavXT has no limit to the depth of a category hierarchy that it will follow, and my testbed does test a 4 level deep hierarchy. I just double checked and the latest Breadcrumb NavXT behaves as expected in this case. One thing you should look into is ensuring that in your example, “post” isn’t explicitly set as a member of “cat 2” and “cat 4”, keep it an explicit member of only the deepest category as it automatically becomes a implicit member of the other categories.

Add breadcrumbs in Voice theme using Breadcrumb NavXT plugin
Miranda Burgess

Our Voice theme currently support the breadcrumbs generated by Yoast SEO plugin. If you do not want use this plugin and you still want to have the breadcrumbs present, you can easily install  the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin, see here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/

Monica Wilkerson

Hi John
Thanks for your feedback.
For the meantime I found a hack and changed line 685 in class.bcn_breadcrumb_trail.php to this:
// WPML – get translated CPT slug
$cpt_archive_link = get_post_type_archive_link($type->post_type);
if ( function_exists( ‘icl_translate’ ) ) {
$translated_slug = icl_translate(‘wpml_custom’, ‘wpml_custom_’.$type->post_type, $type->post_type);
if ($translated_slug != ”) {
$cpt_archive_link = home_url( user_trailingslashit( $translated_slug, ‘post_type_archive’ ) );
$breadcrumb = $this->add(new bcn_breadcrumb($this->post_type_archive_title(get_post_type_object($type->post_type)), $this->opt[‘Hpost_’ . $type->post_type . ‘_template’], array(‘post’, ‘post-‘ . $type->post_type . ‘-archive’), $cpt_archive_link));

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