Why Every Blog Needs A Backstory with Michael Margolis

Why Every Blog Needs A Backstory with Michael Margolis
Sara Pratt

With respect to your blog, the about page is the most important page on your site. In fact, it is usually the first page people visit. Michael made the point that this is usually a deal breaker. In order to effectively write your about page you need to understand yourself and where you are coming from. Michael believes that much of this is derived from your parents. You are literally half of your father and half of your mother so by examining your relationship with them you can better understand your own point of view. This understanding translates directly into how you portray yourself to the world. Although no one can change their past it is possible to look at it from a different perspective. By doing this you can rebrand yourself and make people see that you were born to do what you are doing which builds trust and creates authenticity.

“13 Reasons Why” Turtleboy Sports is dangerous
Jose Caldwell

I hadn’t even expected to watch the show, but decided to give it a try when I found out that Gregg Araki – director of the iconic 90s gems Totally Fucked Up and The Doom Generation – had directed two of the show’s 13 episodes. I was immediately pulled in.  13 Reasons grabs the viewer, with its well-defined characters, excellent dialog, and strangely timeless quality. While the show’s preponderance of smart phones and other technology obviously sets the show in present times, it has an 80s or 90s feel to it; the main character, Hannah, almost seems like a dark, post-suicidal Clarissa explaining it all to you.

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