When is it Worth It to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins? (Explained)

When is it Worth It to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins? (Explained)
Jackie Woods

We are often asked by users when is it worth investing in premium WordPress plugins? One of main reasons why WordPress is the popular website builder in the world is because it gives you access to thousands of free and paid plugins (also known as premium WordPress plugins). In this article, we will explain when is it worth buying premium or paid WordPress plugins.

When is it Worth It to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins? (Explained)
Denise Jimenez

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When Is It Worth Buying Premium WordPress Plugins?
Faith Lloyd

I’ve had bad luck with some plugins and premium plugins, especially premium plugins that come in from marketers’ emails. The bad ones are those that don’t perform well, or support drops off, and then they become outdated. Most of these however, give a 30 day refund option with no questions asked, while some have restrictions. Read the refund policies carefully. Those that say “We will give you a refund if the issue is due to a technical problem we can’t fix”. This happened to me recently, and since it took so long between responses, the 30 days went by. The plugin works now, but not as good as the one it replaced.
I also wish WordPress would take out plugins from the repository that are no longer maintained or haven’t been updated in 6 months or more. Get rid of the outdated plugins!

Are Premium Plugins Worth Buying? When You Should Open Your Wallet
Rochelle Massey

Choosing a freemium plugin can be a very smart decision. You can get a feel for how it works by trying out the free version first, rather than paying for a premium plugin you might not actually need. What’s more, it will quickly become obvious whether the features offered by the free version are enough. If you do decide you need more comprehensive or targeted functionality, you can upgrade immediately to one of the plugin’s premium tiers without any inconvenience or loss of data.

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