What is Tag in WordPress?

What are tags and tag cloud in WordPress?
Kayla Perkins

Tags are actually made of one or two words each that bloggers use to attach with a post to let readers know what is a post about? And tag cloud is collection of all tags used in a blog which is usually placed in a sidebar. Clicking on a particular tag will take the visitor to a page where all the posts having the same tag are listed. this in turn, helps visitors to find the blog posts of their interests and author of that blog gets more traffic and interaction of visitors in this way.

How to Add Tag in WordPress
Rochelle Mccoy

When you click on the Add button. The tags you just typed will appear below the text field next to them. You can click on an x(cross) icon to delete a tag. Once you’ve used some tags in the blog, you’ll be able to choose the most popular tags link in this box so that you can easily re-use tags.

What is Tag in WordPress
Rochelle Massey

Unlike posts, you can’t add tags to WordPress page and there is a reason for it. Pages in WordPress are mostly used for static information like blog’s About Page, Contact Page and such pages don’t need to be listed. Instead, pages always find their home usually in menus or footer areas.

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