What is Post Format in WordPress? How to use Post Formats

Natalie Matthews

Using Asides as an example, in the past, a category called Asides was created, and posts were assigned that category, and then displayed differently based on styling rules from post_class() or from in_category(‘asides’). With Post Formats, the new approach allows a theme to add support for a Post Format (e.g. add_theme_support(‘post-formats’, array(‘aside’))), and then the post format can be selected in the Publish meta box when saving the post. A function call of get_post_format($post->ID) can be used to determine the format, and post_class() will also create the “format-asides” class, for pure-css styling.

What Are WordPress Post Formats and Why They Don’t Matter
Sonia Boone

The most important thing to understand about post formats is that they’re different from post types. The latter term refers to distinct kinds of content on your site – such as Pages, Posts, and Products – while the former refers to special formatting used to distinguish various types of blog posts. As most themes no longer include special coding for this feature, you’ll be perfectly fine leaving every WordPress post format set to the default option.

Astrid Neil

Some themes will offer all nine formats, and others have fewer. Pick a format, add content to the post the way you normally so, and publish! Depending on your theme, you’ll see some stylistic differences between this post and your posts with the default Standard format.

How to Use Post Formats in WordPress
Carolyn Joseph

Here’s the post with the Status format applied. The first things to notice is the obnoxious title that I wrote is removed, the text in the post is larger, and the background color is different. The font is placed in italics to make it stand out even more, the date now has the word Status and there’s a little dash in front of the first word in the post. There’s also a small vertical dotted line that goes through the dash from the top to the bottom of the post.

When to Use WordPress Post Formats Vs. Custom Post Types
Jackie Woods

Hi there. If your entire site is about cooking recipes then using standard posts makes more sense and just using a Video post format or not even using the format but putting all the videos inside their own “videos” category. The only reason to use custom post types is if the content is very different from your standard posts but since you just have a blog then it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. For example if you had a business site you probably would want to keep testimonials, services and portfolio items all in different post types so that your standard post type would be your blog. But if your entire site is a blog keeping everything in one place makes more sense and using a different format or simply a different category.

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