What is PHP? How PHP is Used in WordPress?

What Is PHP? How Is PHP Used in WordPress?
Tami Floyd

And while we do offer PHP 5.6, we highly recommend that you use at least PHP 7. PHP 5.6 may be needed in some instances where a third-party WordPress plugin is still catching up in terms of support in its code for newer PHP versions. This is rare, but it does happen. If you have a WordPress plugin that doesn’t support at least PHP 7, we encourage you to reach out to the developer and ask for an update.

What is PHP? How PHP is Used in WordPress?
Ethel Doyle

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Why WordPress Uses PHP
Ernest Cook

To learn more about PHP, I’d recommend visiting PHP.net, which is a website that teaches you all about PHP. This is a good place to get to know how PHP itself, disconnected from WordPress, works. What you’ll find is that there are a lot of functions that you use in PHP with WordPress but that aren’t actually PHP functions as such—they’re functions that are written specifically for WordPress.

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