What is Custom Fields in WordPress?

What is Custom Fields in WordPress?
Deena Tibbs

On the other hand, custom fields are also a cause of many disputes. Some people say it makes query slower, and some say it is not suitable to scale. So that to know the truth, there is no other way than to learn more about WordPress’ building and querying data from custom fields’ database. Please be patient, we will learn all about them step by step in this series, in later articles.

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How to Use Custom Fields in WordPress
Halina Shipp

Usually, a WordPress website will have only one header, footer and a sidebar already defined by the theme you are using. Each one has their functions and design stored in separate files which are called by the theme and then displayed on the site where needed. Because each part of the theme is stored in a different file, you can easily modify them without worrying you will mess up the entire site, and you can change the way only a header, footer or sidebar behaves on your site.

How to Display Custom Fields Outside The Loop in WordPress
Darin Olson

Really I’d like to stay away from hard coding this into the page and would prefer a shortcode/JS solution as the paragraph is editable. Basically one of the webmasters might go in and change the text in the paragraph but still want to show the ‘odds’ in a certain place. The page is built on a drag-n-drop editor on xPro.

Applications of Custom Fields in WordPress
Felipe Goodwin

After installing the plugin, you’ll see the appearance of a big custom meta box in the post editing screen (as in the image above). There are many custom fields in that meta box. Yoast uses these custom fields to allow you to enter SEO information of the post. Take SEO title as an example, this one will replace the content of the post title when displaying in HTML in the frontend. Meta description and social meta tags for Facebook/Twitter are also custom fields.

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