What is a Theme Framework in WordPress?

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?
Jinny Lay

However, if you are creating a custom design, you would typically upload the framework files, and then create a new child theme linked to the framework and then create your design. The advantage of using a framework in this case is that you can build your theme on top of the code that has been developed and refined by many users, through much iteration, saving you time and effort.

What Is a WordPress Theme Framework And Should You Use One?
Mona Ramirez

While we discussed frameworks, I don’t know if we really had a real, useful discussion about WordPress theme frameworks, why they are popular, how they can accelerate the development process, and whether they are a good fit for you — especially if you’re new to WordPress and frameworks. There was a lot of banter, different perspectives were shared, some disagreements were had, some knowledge was dropped — and there was a lot of focus on the WordPress Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

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Lucille Stephens

$80 for the license and five themes? Not bad. Never used it myself so I can’t really say for sure, but thanks for bringing it up. Your themes look nice as well. 🙂

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Stephanie Griffith

Most of the themes you’ll see out there for WordPress are just that – themes. Anything that makes that theme do what it does is baked right into the theme directly. Some of these themes have options panels where you can set things like logos, color options and things like that – but all that is just code baked into the theme. It isn’t a framework. If they ever update that theme to do cooler things and you’ve already customized your site, you would overwrite any work you did.

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