What are WordPress Updates? (Explained in Plain English)

What Is WordPress? WordPress 101, Explained for Beginners
Halina Shipp

WordPress.com was created as a solution for people who don’t necessarily want to deal with the raw WordPress software on their own but instead would prefer to have someone handle it for them. So, what you do get with WordPress.com is the ability to create an account – your user profile – and then use a simplified version of WordPress that’s already been preinstalled on the platform’s servers. You can create a website that way quicker than with standard WordPress, but you also give up some of the functionality (unless you’re willing to pay a small fee). Here’s more info on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Caching for WordPress, Explained in Plain English
Latoya Lucas

In technical terms, the “snapshot” is a static HTML file. Static means it doesn’t change by itself. The content of it is going to stay the same unless something tells it otherwise.
If you’ve ever looked at your site via FTP (or the file manager in your cPanel), you don’t see a file for every page on your site. That’s because the page is dynamically generated fresh each time it loads – there is no physical file. When you have caching, you will actually see a cache folder with all the HTML files in it. Those files will only be changed when the cache is refreshed.

Different Types of WordPress Hosting Plans Explained, and Which One to Choose
Anja Brewster

This type of plan is still relatively new to the hosting world. However, it offers a great middle option between VPSs and dedicated servers. Cloud hosting plans are cheaper than the latter and tend to be more stable than the former. If you think you’ve outgrown your VPS or you’re looking for a comparable solution that can handle more traffic, this is the obvious choice.

What is WordPress?
Ronald Tracy

These days it is imperative that your website displays well across all devices including mobiles and tablets – this is known as Responsive web design. You can now choose from many different Responsive WordPress Themes that give your website this functionality straight out of the box. You want your website to look just as good on mobile devices as it does on desktops and laptops, and now it is very simply done just by using a Responsive WordPress Theme.

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