Ultimo Woocommerce Email WordPress Plugin

Cheryl Ward

Ultimo Woocommerce Email is such a powerful Woocommerce Shop Emailing plugin which help you to boost up your Shop Emailing upto next level. This plugin provides you to create and send modern, professional email newsletters to your audience with powerful email marketing and automation tools like Aweber and Drip. With this plugin can use various mailing platforms for running email campaigns which will help us in boosting the store.

Anja Brewster

Thanks to RightPress, we heavily pulled code and structure for this plugin from Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer by RightPress.
Thanks to The Beaver Builder Team, we adapted our import/export control functionality from Customizer Export/Import
Thanks to cristian-ungureanu, we adapted our footer social media control functionality from Customizer Repeater
Thanks to soderlind, we adapted our range control functionality from WordPress Customizer Range Value Control
Thanks to soderlind, we adapted our toggle control functionality from WordPress Customizer Toggle Control

Ronald Tracy

Lets your WooCommerce customers email their shopping cart straight to their friends & colleagues for…

Roy Murphy

How do I get the premium version?
Simply install this free plugin, and click on the ‘Go Premium’ tab to purchase a license key. After you purchase, you will receive the premium plugin as a downloadable zip file.

Dixie Mason

Rather than storing abandoned carts and contact data in your site’s database, you can offload this data to Jilt. This ensures that you can track data over time and get valuable insights into cart abandonment and revenue from your emails, while your site stays speedy and doesn’t get bogged down with tons of abandoned cart or email tracking data.

Donnie Frantz

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Lori Moran

Added support for On Hold payment status using BACS, thanks again to @prasidhda https://profiles.wordpress.org/prasidhda for pointing out the issue

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