The 7 “Best” Domain Name Registrars Compared (2019)

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Prices are generally very good at $8.88 (£6.8) for .com domains – $12.98 on renewal, $7.58(£5.8) for – $9.58 on renewal, $12.98 (£10) for .org – $14.98 on renewal, and $16.88 (£13) for .mobi (at the moment, you can get .mobi for $2.88 for the first year). There are some special deals available, and Namecheap has an Agent 88 set of domains which are almost always available at $0.48 (£0.35) for the first year (these usually include the following: .site .website .space .pw .press .host .tech .online and .fun – but there may be others as well).

The Best Domain Name Registrars for 2019
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Its pricing gives you more bang for your buck with add-ons like SSL certificates, premium DNS, domain privacy, and free WhoisGuard privacy protection and domain email forwarding. It also comes with web hosting and one-click WordPress installation, although they are optional and not required when you purchase a domain name from them.

7 Best Domain Registrars: Who’s the Cheapest and Should You Use Them?
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They’ve gotten a lot of terrible reviews based on their customer service. For example, in our WordPress hosting survey, GoDaddy ranked near the bottom in terms of support quality. While that survey did deal specifically with hosting, rather than just domain registration, it is a good indicator of the overall reputation GoDaddy has for customer service.

10 Best Domain Registrars
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No offense but it kind of looks like you googled “domain registrars” and wrote about the first 10 that popped up. Name dot com and Google Domains are really the only decent domain registrars in your list. I won’t name names, but a few on that list are literally the worst places to buy domains. You’re missing some really great registrars like Hover, Porkbun, etc.

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