Should You Give Admin Access to Plugin Developers for Fixing Bugs?

Should You Give Admin Access to Plugin Developers for Fixing Bugs?
Alice Klein

I won’t get in a debate about WP is easy to use or not because that’s your opinion. I have success stories of users who started learning from WPBeginner in 2009 and today are running successful web design agencies of their own. Others who have started much recently and used our resources to build a website which helped them grow their businesses.
Tasha Peters

The plugin is simple and clean, it helps the administrator to create a user with a temporary access and choose which pages in your admin area which you don’t want the user to access. send the details to the user and when he finished his task, you can easily deactivate the account and activate it later.
Latoya Lucas

Thanks Outis for sharing your point of view.
The developer is asking for a WP admin account. I understand what you mean but my problem is that I’m not a developer and that I don’t have enough knowledge to shield information that might be abused by developers with wrong intentions.
I might even not be aware that something fishy was going on because I’m only an amateur.
It is also my opinion that if a developer wants to debug his plugin and needs help from the “host” he should not charge anything for that.
If however the problem with the plugin is caused by wrong doing of the host that is something else.
In my case, since nothing has changed to the server, or to WP, no updates at all except updating the plugin, I think it is safe to say : it worked before the update, it should work after the update. If the plugin doesn’t work anymore, I would like the old version back that did work, instead of having “to trust a stranger to my house” to help him fix his plugin and even having to pay for it.
To end positive : I have found another solution, so I don’t need the plugin anymore.

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