Should Blogroll “Links” be removed in favor of WordPress Menus?

Should Blogroll “Links” be removed in favor of WordPress Menus?
Jo Rios

Menus does not allow you to have Notes “which are for administrator’s use to remind them why they added a link”. Again, it seems kind of pointless that someone will have a link in their sidebar without knowing why they added it there. Usually, we find users link to sites they LOVE and read regularly. You cannot have Ratings. This is used to sort links by administrator assigned rating. Well, you can do that through the drag-drop interface. Now what would be cool is if we can let public rate our links, and then this feature can be pretty nifty. RSS Address for the link. Never used this feature ever, but it may be useful for some of you. The feature that we absolutely miss is the Image Address. Yes you can use images in WordPress menus but that requires you to create a CSS class for each item. That is something most clients cannot do. Now if we can add a way to add icons to WordPress menus (either in core or through a plugin), we can completely get rid of Links area.

Link Manager aka Blogrolls to be “Sort of” Removed in WordPress 3.5
Isobel Leach

About a year ago, we wrote an opinion post here at WPBeginner with the title “Should Blogroll ‘Links’ be removed in favor of WordPress menus?“. We got a decent feedback in the comments and our social media channels (twitter and facebook). Recently while browsing through the upcoming features in WordPress 3.5, we noticed ticket #21307 which is to remove link manager from core.

Removing Links In Favor Of Menus?
Meghan Page

But I’m thinking it’s still possible that the old Link Manager could remain in the system and evolve as mentioned here. Moving links out of separate tables and leveraging all the CPT functionality would certainly open things up to some interesting possibilities. All it needs is a slick and friendly UI, and a conversion tool, and we’d be good to go. Such a move might break a few plugins that interact with the links system, but probably if they were doing some sort of end-run around the API and dealing with the db tables directly.
Christy Underwood

As of Version 3.5, the Links Manager and blogroll are hidden for new installs and any existing WordPress installs that do not have any links. If you are upgrading from a previous version of WordPress with any active links, the Links Manager will continue to function as normal. If you would like to restore the Links panel to your install you may download and install the Links Manager plugin. This page is still relevant for any user with an existing Links Manager or with the plugin installed.

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