We provide free services for our readers.

Not Sure about how to start a blog and make a blogging site on WordPress?

No problem. Not everyone must know everything. If you can write on something, start writing right now. We will setup a perfect customized blog for your niche. Just contact..

Note : The terms and conditions applies.

Sadly, we can not offer free blog site setup service to everyone. Therefore, we have the following terms that one should meet before requesting this free service.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be subscriber of at least one of the service referred by WordPress Mafia.
  • You should not have claimed other free offer in exchange of it before.
  • You will not get any major support once the site is delivered for the first time except for the general assistant.
  • We can only offer this setup if the language is English.
  • The service delivery will be on first come first basis.
  • Domain and Hosting is not the part of our free service.

Do you own a business? If yes, then do you want to make a website that represents your brand or business?

We offer a free business website design service to our readers. Focus on your business while we will prepare a better looking business website for free. Just contact.

Note : Terms and Conditions Applies

It is obvious that we can not offer a free website service to all the business. Therefore, we have some conditions to work for you at zero cost.

Terms and Conditions

  • The business owner should own at least one year hosting subscription from the hosting service provider as referred by WordPress Mafia.
  • The business should not be misleading or invalid. If the WordPress Mafia believe the purpose of the business does not seem to be valid or against any law or social ethics, we will not deliver the service.
  • You will not get major support such as modification of the design and repurpose it. However, you will always get general supports from WordPress Mafia team.
  • We can not offer the website in other than English Language.
  • Domain and Hosting is not the part of our service.

Are you planning to start an ecommerce store? We can setup an ecommerce store for you at zero cost.

WordPress Mafia team can help you to set up an ecommerce store on WordPress CMS with the help of WooCommerce.

Terms and Conditions

  • Must own a registered business
  • Must own hosting service (at least one years subscription) that are recommended by WordPress Mafia team as ecommerce ready plans.
  • Must be small with at max. 20 types of products.

We offer free website migration service to new host. If you are not sure about how to migrate your website to a new host, let us do that for you.

If you have purchased hosting on our recommendation, let us solve your problem too.

Got a new domain? Are you planning to rebrand your website? If you are not sure about how to migrate your website to new host, WordPress Mafia can really help you.

In that case, we do not force you to get a domain from our referral. But, if you have not bought already, we definitely recommend as it motivates us more. Just submit a request for migration to new domain, we will help you as soon as possible.

We offer basic WordPress SEO services to our readers. This includes installing and setting up either Yoast SEO or RankMath or All in One SEO plugin.

We also offer:

  • Cloudflare integration service.
  • Enable the best Caching mode
  • Image Optimization
  • Lazy loading image and iframes
  • Database optimization

We offer quality contents to anyone who want to publish our blog.

  • Declare your niche
  • Give focused keywords (optional)
  • Have at least 20 blogs on your site
  • At least 500 visitors a month
  • At least 15 domain authority