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Jana Frazier

Live Composer is also one of best page builder WordPress plugins that you can use to create a stunning custom page designs in real-time. With Live Composer, you can edit content easily and quickly without technical skills and save money on expensive coding information and customization services. No coding or technical skills required.
Jacquelynn Padgett

It’s not only a simple team plugin, it’s a team Team Management Plugin with drag and drop builder. With this plugin you can build fantastic team showcase in very little time. You can also use it to display testimonials or other kinds of content that require an image and text! Team Builder is a most versatile WordPress plugin available to manage & create your Team page.

Creating A WordPress Plugin Is Easier Than You Think
Neal Banks

If a file contains only PHP code, it is preferable to omit the PHP closing tag at the end of the file. This prevents accidental whitespace or new lines being added after the PHP closing tag, which may cause unwanted effects because PHP will start output buffering when there is no intention from the programmer to send any output at that point in the script.

The Best Page Builder Plugins for WordPress
Sheryl Cain

I can tell a lot of work went into writing this review of page building solutions, so I commend you for that.
However, I am offended at the notion you propose: that “web developers” are an expensive, disposable commodity that one would always do better without. I feel that your sentiments would be better expressed by highlighting how the ability and desire of DIYers is met by the solutions you’ve described. Rather than doing that, the way the post is phrased makes those who make a living (who wouldn’t want that?) as web developers sound like scheming money grubbers who should never be dealt with. On the contrary, there are more solutions than not that cannot be delivered without the expertise of a professional. I think that highlighting the scenarios where page builders are best fit would better serve your readers.

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