Professional WordPress Plugin Development Book Review

Professional WordPress Plugin Development
Mitchell Perez

As one of the most popular open source content management systems available today, WordPress boasts a framework that allows you to easily customize and extend it through plugins. This comprehensive book shows you how plugins work, reviews the tools and APIs in WordPress, and demonstrates how to extend the functionality of WordPress with plugins. The trio of authors provides a practical, solutions-based approach along with a collection of timely examples and plenty of code, all aimed at clearly explaining how to create a plugin file, work with users, integrate widgets, add menus and submenus, secure your plugins, and more. You will quickly come to understand how to develop custom plugins so that you can take WordPress to the next corporate and enterprise level.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development review
Tiffany Ballard

Another great thing is explaining WordPress plugin development best practices. If you don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress plugins and don’t have the time to really research how to do things you can end up writing code that can be handled by the WordPress API in such a fashion that’s future proof. Take for instance the Plugin Settings options – if you manage them through the API any future changes to the WordPress UI will be reflected in your plugin as well.

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