Pricing Table WordPress Plugin
Jana Frazier

Ten Gorgeous Pricing Table Designs.
Fully Customize your Pricing Table (Colors, etc…).
Priority Email Support.
Google Analytics Integration (track pricing table button clicks).
Pricing Toggles (switch between multiple pricing tables – eg. currencies or monthly/yearly pricing.
And much more….
Mariah Bowser

This plugin adds a “Pricing Tables” tab in the admin panel which allows you to create pricing tables for your website the easy way. You can quickly add features to your different plans, choose a color (as well as many other options) and display your price table anywhere with a simple shortcode. What you see is what you get, and it’s totally free.
Kelly Sanders

Design can do one of two things to your business – either sink it or raise it to the top. You have to be very careful when designing a pricing table. Fonts, headlines, layout of pricing table – it all has to be balanced and done neatly. Furthermore you have to make sure the pricing chart’s design works with the main site. However don’t forget about your main goal. In pricing tables, design is just a tool to achieve your objectives, namely – increase sales. Simplicity is the key to success of price chart. Remember that you’re not creating a collage for school, you’re creating a price table design for a specific reason. Don’t clutter your chart with unnecessary elements. A common mistake is to write down a list of features most of the plans in the pricing table don’t offer and then put dozens of red crosses in your pricing table chart. Consumers don’t want to see what you’re not offering, they want to see what you’ve got and for what price.
Emily Alexander

Pricing Table is a responsive WordPress Pricing table plugin .TC Pricing Table helps to create unlimited clean and flat design based pricing table in your WordPress website.
You can add Unlimited packages with unlimited features.Your website visitors will easily understand and compair the features .
Jody Jennings

We realize that the design of your pricing page is one of the key factors of your success, and we did our best to give you a pricing table that sells. We also realize that when it comes to pricing, it’s all about making it clear and simple. What most online buyers will appreciate, is simplicity of representation, comprehensive information about what they’ll be paying for, and several alternatives to choose from. Elfsight Pricing Table plugin for WordPress offers all of these benefits. Combined with a host of customizable display options, it will become the extra incentive you need to make buyers act and conversion rate improve.

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