Pin Posts in WordPress With Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin

Pin Posts in WordPress With Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin
Herminia Pennell

Don’t you wish sometimes that there was any easier way to find that post you want to edit in your admin panel? Well there is. With the Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin, also known as the Post Pin Cushion, you can “pin” any post, page, or custom post type and have a link appear in the post dropdown menu. This is especially useful if you have certain posts that you update on a regular basis because now you can just pin them to your admin panel. In order to do this you just have to know how to install a WordPress plugin. If you already know how then go ahead and install the Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin. Once you have the plugin activated you should notice that next to all of your posts there is now a pin icon.

Pin Posts with Post Admin Shortcuts for WordPress
Sherri Payne

I don’t know about you but I find myself editing some of my posts all the time. Things change in every industry. Your masterpieces can become outdated quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way you could create shortcuts to the posts you find yourself changing frequently? Post Admin Shortcuts for WordPress is a superb plugin that handles that job for posts, pages, and custom types.
Leslie Gregory

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WPBeginner Reviews Post Admin Shortcuts Plugin
Debbie Mann

I have just started with WordPress and so am new to all these gee whiz qizmos. The one thing that I have noticed is that all (or most) of my plug-ins are on my home page. And they are active.They can be used from the home page! I don’t know if this is just for me or if I have a security nightmare on my hands. I opened my blog from a new tab while I was working on the site in another tab. I this my problem?
Jim Hadstate

Post Admin Shortcuts
Bobby Rios

Now works with pages and custom post types too!
This plugin allows you to easily ‘pin’ posts, pages and custom post types. When you pin a post a shortcut link appears in the post menu so that you can easily edit the post. Use this plugin if you constantly find yourself editing the same posts and you are sick of showing the list of posts, then find the post you want and then click edit. Now you just click the post shortcut in the menu and edit.
Ophelia Mauro

The problem? It’s a little tedious to access them. You have to navigate through
the Posts menu, view All Posts then click on the Scheduled tab. And if
you’re an author who spends a lot of time in WordPress, then this can become
a bit of a chore.
Melissa Dunn

Alright, now let’s say that you want to pull in all posts from two categories into your WordPress page. One category is WordPress Rocks and the other is WordPress Rolls. Plus, you’d like to display them three per page, rather than the default number of posts. Depending on your category slugs, your shortcode should probably look like this:
Sheri Cook

Display similar or related posts with thumbnails in bottom sticky bar of WordPress post based…

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