Overview of WordPress 3.0 with Screenshots

Overview of WordPress 3.0 with Screenshots
Kanisha Bertram

One of the features we didn’t like was the UGLY Grey theme update. We think the current grey theme is far better than the new grey theme that is coming with this release. The logo looks stylish, but the header doesn’t stand out. The gradient effect looks like that a 3 year old did it. Syed was very disappointed with this new grey theme. He currently uses the grey theme, but he will be switching to the blue theme.

Natalie Matthews

The following are screenshots of the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme, taken using a new, unmodified installation of WordPress:

Highlights of WordPress 3.0!
Myra Poole

It’s clear from a few examples I have given that WordPress is taking a much more streamlined approach to usability.  At every level, simplicity is exemplified.  They truly have built a powerful, yet very simplistic approach to managing your website.  If you have not upgraded I would highly encourage you to download 3.0!  What are your favorites?

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