Online Community Management for Dummies (Book Review)

Online Community Management for Dummies (Book Review)
Olive Jacobs

One of the aspects I love about Deb is that she takes her online connections offline. I talked to her over the web for the first time, but now I have met her at numerous events. She is exactly the same person as she is online who is welcoming and friendly. I find it a rare characteristic to have. A lot of people I meet online are totally different in real life. Deb shares her expertise of taking your online community offline by hosting meetups, tweetups or other events. The book ends with ten essential tasks for community managers, ten must have skills, and ten best practices.

Online Community Management For Dummies®
Ruby Roberts

Online community management is a growing profession and companies are investing in online communities in order to gain consumer insights into products and to test new products. An effective and dedicated community manager is essential to engage and manage a successful online consumer community. This straightforward-but-fun guide shows you how to effectively manage, grow, and communicate with your online community. Clear coverage shares tips for dealing with customers and fans through Twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs.

Review: Online Community Management for Dummies
Dillon Mcduffie

I’ve read a hundreds of articles that touch on various truths and great advice for community managers. And yes, I’ve bookmarked them, but they are still just that — fragmented information spread out across the web. There’s something about having a one-stop resource that helps me feel grounded in this work. There are a ton of great tips and best practices packed into this book.

Online Community Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet
Darin Olson

Spotlight members of your community. Your best content should come from the people who make up your community. While you’re there to help the conversation flow and make sure that no one is crossing the line into negativity, the members of your community are the ones who should be doing the bulk of the talking. Indeed, the best communities are the ones where a community manager’s presence is noted, but not “in your face.” When you allow your members to create discussion topics, you’re inviting them to bring their personalities into play and interact with each other. Get the ball rolling by introducing members of the community who have cool achievements. If a member of your community was in the paper recently, post the mention. If another member won an award, offer a congratulatory comment. When you shine the spotlight on them, it encourages them to take it a step farther and come out in to the open.

Blog Design For Dummies – Book Review
Delia Gonzales

When your users can easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll come back. This is especially important for resource blogs. And if you think you’re not a resource blog because you talk about fashion, food, or home decor, think again. When someone sees a great idea on your site, they may not bookmark it or pin it right away.  But later, when they’re ready to use that idea, they’ll return to your site and try to search for it. If they can’t find it, they’ll move on to another place that may have similar information.

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