Mitch Canter – The Ultimate WordPress Experience

Mitch Canter – The Ultimate WordPress Experience
Bao Mount

When Mitch started using WordPress in 2005 it had just introduced themes, static pages, and user roles. It has come a long way since then. Now it is a complete Content Management System with custom post types and taxonomies.Today about 14% of sites run on WordPress and many more people are considering switching over from other CMS platforms.

The Ultimate WordPress Experience
Len Gable

Wordpress is a powerful blogging platform, but the sheer volume of information that’s already out there is overwhelming! This session taught me that WordPress is so much more than just a blog. With so many features, both inherent in the program and via plug-ins, WordPress can easily support full websites making it a great Content Management System (CMS). As a CMS it is particularly well-suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs, people who typically need to DIY but wish to have a professional looking website. With thousands of plug-ins, it can be hard to know what search terms to even use when searching the web to find what you’re looking for, let alone choosing the right plug-in for your needs. I found Mitch’s advice, as well as his list of top plug-ins, invaluable in navigating the options associated with building the optimal WordPress site.

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Everett Curtis

On September 14, Matt Mullenweg announced that WordPress was rethinking its use of the React.js library due to Facebook’s clarification on its patents. The short story: Facebook released React under a modified “open-source-ish” license (called BSD+Patents) that allow them to judiciously revoke the patent if a service violates the terms of service (specifically, if they…

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