Making the Most out of WordCamps

Making the Most out of WordCamps
Minh Snider

Before you start making excuses, you don’t have to be a WordPress genius to give a talk at a WordCamp. You just have to know how to do something cool with WordPress. For example, there are a LOT of people who are better at developing WordPress than I am. However, I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life using WordPress to build communities, and I have spent a lot of time testing the right ways to integrate social media into WordPress. I’ve taken that expertise and give a talk at WordCamps called “Developing Digital Marketing into your WordPress.” Ask yourself, “What do I know that I can contribute to the community?”

How to Make the Most out of your WordCamp Experiences
Thelma Turner

At the same time, don’t spend the whole WordCamp with your head in your phone or only talking to the people you came with. I’ve attended several WordCamps with my sister & business partner Jessica, but we always try to split up to maximize our learning & mingling opportunities. So chat with the people sitting next to you and try to be open to the hallway conversations and social opportunities! WordCamps are great for introverts like me because the vast majority of attendees are kind, creative and open-minded. Whatever your experience or knowledge level, you’re welcome there.

Making the Most out of WordCamps
Caterina William

WordCamps are a fantastic opportunity to get to know the WordPress community better, make new connections, start new business opportunities and elevate your personal or company brand. Yet, as they get bigger and bigger, navigating WordCamps, especially for first-time attendees, might be challenging. In this talk, I’ll be covering 4 key steps that will help both individuals and business owners on how to prepare for a WordCamp, what strategies to implement for the best results and how to take the most from the event after it’s over.

Making the Most Out of Attending a WordCamp – Or Any Tech Conference
Christy Underwood

Here at Hover, we’re lucky to regularly attend and sponsor conferences, including WordCamps. If you are not familiar with WordCamps, these all-volunteer conferences give WordPress users an opportunity to share ideas, learn, and network. Hover has been a proud sponsor of WordCamp Miami for many years and we had a blast at the 10 year anniversary in 2018. We are looking forward to WordCamp Miami 2019, but we know the decision to attend a large tech conference can be a bit intimidating. If you don’t feel technical or are highly introverted, don’t let that stop you from the experience. Here are 8 tips to help maximize your time and enjoyment at conferences, courtesy of the fabulous #WCMIA 2019 team!

Janett Grogan

While the day of the conference hasn’t arrived yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on networking. Let people know you’re attending and connect with other attendees over social media and email. Initiating discussion online ahead of time will make it easier to meet in person and share the WordCamp experience with others. Get all of the small talk out of the way so while you’re at WordCamp you make the most out of face-to-face time with your new connections. You can share the even on social media and express your excitement or ask questions about particular sessions to get the conversation going. You may even get responses from presenters and conference organizers.

WordCamp Los Angeles
Lynn Austin

I find that attending these events is similar to drinking a milkshake too fast. It hurts and can be discombobulating. That is, there’s going to be a ton of content to cover on both days. Really. Ask yourself “what do I want to learn” and start jotting down questions; ask them of your speakers, peers, strangers and more. Having a strategy or an idea of what you want to know can help you get more out of your WordCamp…

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