Interview with Reneta Tsankova from SiteGround

Interview with Reneta Tsankova from SiteGround
Sheri Cook

However, from our point of view the hardest part of being involved in charity work is actually finding the right organization to grant our financial support to. We should admit that we do not have expertise in either doing the charity ourselves, or in evaluating the possible organizations we can sponsor and this prevents us to help with the full extent we have. We decided to support your cause, not only because it was a good one, but also because we know you and we believe in your ability to manage the donated money in a way that will yield results. And how come we know you? Well this bring us back to the main topic of the interview: WordPress and WordCamps are to blame

Siteground Review
Ronald Tracy

Siteground has the fastest response time across ALL web hosts I have dealt with. I can’t stress this enough.
Unfortunately, there are service providers that are all smiles and promises when they’re trying to attract your business but don’t care enough to deal with issues once they’ve got it. Avoid those! I am not pointing fingers out of character so that you won’t see them on Hosting Manual. I only review web hosts that I trust.

Siteground Review: 5 Reasons to Host with Siteground
Mandy Simon

Another hugely useful aspect of using this service, though, is the fact that just about everything is managed for you. Many hosting companies assume that since you bought the package you must know everything about setting up a website; well, you won’t be left with this problem when you start using SiteGround. They make sure that their hardware is always up to date and they have the most reliable members of staff working around the clock on ensuring your site is in the best hands possible. As far as customer care goes, very few companies can come up against SiteGround and do well – as a hosting solution they are one of the finest around, that’s for sure.

Delia Gonzales

Podcasts feature interviews with leaders in the web hosting industry as well as guests from Google, … Continue Reading…

Interview with Adam Warner, FooPlugins Founder On Business Challenges & Useful Tips
Debbie Mann

I met Adam W. Warner at Pressnomics conference this year. Almost from the very beginning he became a good friend who not only taught me the basics of golf, but helped me learn a lot about the WordPress community. As of recently, SiteGround and FooPlugins, Adam’s company, partnered because we like and respect each others’ work. FooPlugins is a place where you can find multiple useful plugins for WordPress, but the most popular one is FooBox Media Lightbox for which SiteGround customers now get 20% discount.

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