iMarketing – WordPress Plugin
Tanya Conner

1. Download the plugin
2. In the WordPress backend click Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Click ‘Choose File’ and select the plugin zip file
3. Click ‘Install Now’
4. Click ‘Activate Plugin’
5. Hover over the Red Olive logo and name in the WordPress backend sidebar and click ‘Marketing Free’
6. Set up your tags and get to marketing the site
Lara Burkholder

MailChimp Subscribe Form allows you to create Beautiful Professional looking Subscribe Forms, Popups, bars &…

10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins 2019
Grady Harris

OmniKick is a highly compatible marketing automation service for every type of business. Either you have an eCommerce shop, dealing with B2B or a content publisher.

It has some unique potentials that let your game more advanced than your competitors. You can plan your digital marketing campaign and execute them quite successfully with it.

OmniKick’s Drip feature aid you to capture relevant leads and create a robust email list. You can choose different templates and display options such as PopUp, slides, full-screen welcome gate, and floating bar.

Besides, the push notification tools intend to maintain a unique customer relationship journey. Even when your customers are offline and not visiting your site, you can be still able to send them Push Notifications.

The rewarding fact is you can start a free trial anytime soon. Selecting a different product for different pricing is possible.

No matter if you have a small venture or a big investment. OmniKick helps you to engage people, convert them to your product, and keep yourself growing larger.
Astrid Neil

** NB- Spinkx Plugin is designed to track any BOT activity, Fake Clicks & Impression to advertisements or boosted posts. We ONLY track real users & thus the accuracy & performance of your Posts & advertising in our network. We Reserve the right to BAN any such BOT based activity or any provocative & obscene content from our network. You may do what ever you may like with what ever content in your own sites sidebar – no restriction or ban on them. And FREE to use for life. We do not deactivate this features if you don’t buy or pay for the plugin. However the expenses of running content analytics for your site still costs us money to run on our servers.**

6 of the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Compared
Ebony Austin

The base plugin is free, and there’s also a free plan that supports up to 1,000 subscribers and includes premium features for free such as all WooCommerce features and segmenting. If you want access to statistics and reporting features, you can get the premium plugin for $99. Alternately, you can pick up the premium version and MailPoet’s sending service in combination, starting at $13 per month (prices scale with subscriber count).
Onita Prosser

If there are two popups with different triggers set to load on the same page with the same location specificity:
The popup form won’t conflict each other and will wait for their respective triggers, given that the user has not previously submitted or dismissed either popup form. For example, if a popup form is set to load on all pages and is triggered on 50% page scroll and another popup is set to load on all pages and is triggered on exit intent, the two popups will load when the user triggers each popup.
Olive Jacobs

FireDrum is one of the leading email marketing providers to organizations around the world. FireDrum’s email marketing is easy to use and full of features to help you manage your contacts, campaigns, and track the results using state of the art reporting and anaylytics.

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