How to use Shortcodes in your WordPress Themes

How to use Shortcodes in your WordPress Themes
Jerome Marsh

Recently, we got a request from a user asking how they could use WordPress shortcodes in their WordPress themes. Shortcode is a special tag that you can enter into a post that gets replaced with different content when actually viewing the post on the website. If you have ever embedded a WordPress gallery on your blog, then you’ve already seen the built in shortcode. Check out our article on adding shortcodes in your themes.

How to Use Shortcodes in WordPress
Elsa Mullins

Imagine you made a plugin that lets users create a contact form. Now, you need a way for them to add it to their site. You could force them to publish a special “Contact” page, but what if they want to display other text above/below the form? What if they want to call it something other than “Contact”, or add the form to multiple pages?

How to add a shortcode in a WordPress website?
Phil Pearson

But do not fill your post with too many shortcodes that are time-consuming to execute. For examples, if you make a post with too many video and slider embeds and other visual features, the post will take a lot of time to load. But the same cannot be said in the case of pages. In web pages, you need to have multiple features which could only be achieved with shortcodes. But try to use as minimum as you can and try to follow a specific layout. By following a specific layout, you can hard code it so that the codes get executed automatically without function calling feature in between the execution which is the case when we use a shortcode.

How To Create Shortcodes In WordPress
Albert Andrews

The html for embedding a link isn’t working. The text just appears as ‘<a href=' etc. I tried using your code as you show it exactly, to make sure I wasn't making some mistake, and had the same result. I am using the html substitutes for the brackets, etc, as you showed ([ etc), and they work as far as displaying an angle bracket, etc, but the link embedding does not work.

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