How to Stop Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments

How to Stop Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments
Freda Fleming

After reading our article on how to allow anonymous comments, one of our readers asked us if it was possible to stop storing IP address in WordPress comments. Some site owners may want to do that to protect privacy of their users. In this article, we will show you how to stop storing IP address in WordPress comments.

How to Remove and Stop Storing an IP Address in WordPress Comments
Flora Becker

Whenever a user or visitor comments on your WordPress site or blog, along with their name, email address, and web address, their IP address is also recorded automatically and shown to you in the Comments dashboard. This is helpful if you want to quickly ban or block an IP address for whatever reason. Even though you can easily customize different fields in the comments dialog box, WordPress doesn’t provide any options to remove the IP address or prevent itself from recording it. This is especially important if you have a privacy policy of not collecting any user data unless they submit it themselves.

How to Stop Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments
Latoya Lucas

There are owners of sites that make this process so that their users can continue to remain confidential. In other words, once again protect yourself. You no longer have to maintain the IP-addresses for WordPress comments. The undeniable advantages as well as disadvantages IP-addresses of WordPress will no longer be maintained in the comments. The database stores all the IP-addresses and magazines active users of the site, which is constantly leave their comments.
Malcolm Morrison

* Prevent storing sender IP address in Flamingo for GDPR compliance.
* @param Array $meta fields
* @return Array
add_filter(‘flamingo_message_meta’, function($meta_fields) {
return $meta_fields;
}, 10, 1);

How to Disable Storing IP Address in WordPress Comments
Gayle Fisher

While posting a comment, WordPress automatically stores commenter’s IP address along with other information in MySQL database. Storing IP address is useful when you want to identify comment author for any unlawful/illegal content or a comment spammers to prevent them for posting anymore spam comments. Although this is a useful feature but in some countries, law forbids storing users IP addresses permanently. Typically these should not be stored any longer than seven days, if it is not required to identify the author for any unlawful/illegal content. Apart from that it’s also a good idea to keep database clean and tidy. So in this article, I will show you how to remove stored IP addresses from database and also if you like, how to prevent storing IP address in first place.

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