How to Restrict WordPress Site Access by IP or Logged In Users

How to Restrict WordPress Site Access by IP or Logged In Users
Ernest Cook

Using Restricted Site Access plugin, you can restrict access to a WordPress site for logged in users only or for people with specific IP addresses. You can also choose to redirect users with no access to the site by sending them to the login page, redirect to another web address, show them a custom message, or even redirect them to a specific page (coming soon page) that you have created on the same site. Restrict by IP feature is very useful if you want multiple employees in the office to have access to the development project without requiring them to register as a user.
Jennie Conner

Visitors that are not logged in or allowed by IP address will not be able to browse your site (though be cautious of page caching plugin incompatibilities, mentioned above). Restricted Site Access does not block access to your, so direct links to files in your media and uploads folder (for instance) are not blocked. It is also important to remember that IP addresses can be spoofed. Because Restricted Site Access runs as a plug-in, it is subject to any other vulnerabilities present on your site.

How to Restrict WordPress Site Access by IP or Logged In Users
Dollie Hatton

When you are ready to publish a new product and want to promote it with a website. You may not be ready to make it public so you can test it for errors first. In this video, we will show you how to restrict WordPress site access by IP or logged in users.

Restrict WordPress Site Access by IP or Logged in Users
Colin Blake

If you need to redirect restricted visitors to a specific page or prevent them from having access to all or certain portions of your site, there is a way to limit access to your WordPress site to only visitors who are logged in or to specific IP addresses. While we do not often recommend the use of plugins,the Restricted Site Access plugin can be very helpful in limiting access to your WordPress site.

How to Restrict User Access In WordPress by IP or Logged Users
Kayla Perkins

When you restrict WordPress page access by IP, it comes with a bit of a gamble. Unless your user pays for a static address, it’s probably better to include a range of addresses instead. This way, the user can still access the site even if his or her ISP changes the address some time down the road.

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