How to Override Comment Deadline in WordPress

How to Override Comment Deadline in WordPress
Carry Woodcock

One solution often suggested to reduce comment spam is to disable comments on older posts. There is an option on the Discussion settings page where you can turn off comments on posts older than a certain number of days. The problem with this solution is that it blocks comments on posts where you would really like your users to continue discussion. In this article, we will show you how to override comment deadline in WordPress and keep comments open on certain posts.

Override WordPress Comment Deadline Settings
Lue Conway

I get about 100,000 spam messages per month. That plugin used to whittle it down to about one spam every six months, but that has shot up to about five per month lately. Using Akismet would probably get rid of those last few spams, but I prefer not to use it as I figure if my plugin isn’t blocking stuff then it’s just a sign I need to make my plugin better 🙂 (I’m working on a big improvement for it at the moment, which seems to be working well so far, but isn’t ready for public consumption just yet)
Sheryl Cain

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Tiffany Ballard

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Hilda Gomez

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Luna Weems

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