How to List Category Posts in a WordPress Post or Page with Shortcode
Rochelle Mccoy

taxonomy, tax_term, and tax_operator
Use these parameters to do advanced taxonomy queries. Use ‘taxonomy’ for the taxonomy you’d like to query, ‘tax_term’ for the term slug (or terms) you’d like to include, and ‘operator’ to change how the query uses those terms (most likely this field will not be needed).
Default: ‘taxonomy’ = empty , ‘tax_term’ = empty , ‘tax_operator’ = ‘IN’
Example: [display-posts taxonomy=”color” tax_term=”blue, green”]

How to Set WordPress to List Category Posts with Shortcodes
Tessie Huffman

For this tutorial, I will be using the List category posts plugin. This particular tool has a long list of parameters that can be set to create the perfect appearance for your task. If you use this plugin, I suggest reading the documentation to learn all the features it has available. The functionality of the plugin is quite extensive, and you may find even more uses by reading up on the tool.

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