How to Improve WordPress Search with SearchWP

How to Improve WordPress Search with SearchWP
Donnie Frantz

SearchWP is a premium plugin available at $24.99 for a single site license. After purchasing SearchWP, you need to install and activate it (See: How to install a WordPress plugin). Once it is installed, go to Settings » SearchWP. You will notice that the plugin is indexing your content. Depending on how much content you got on your site, it may take a while. However you can continue to work on your website because the indexing will keep running quietly in the background. You will see a notice on the settings page when the indexing is complete. Meanwhile you can configure the plugin settings:

WordPress Search Ignores Content. SearchWP Finds it!
Benjamin Ramirez

NO. SearchWP requires that PDFs & documents be uploaded to your WordPress Media library. In order for SearchWP to index and return results, each entry must have it’s own canonical, WordPress-provided object ID. This ID is assigned when files are uploaded to the Media library, and is essential for SearchWP.

12 WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search
Alyssa Osborne

Hmmm. I really can’t imagine a situation where I want to search by voice but the option doesn’t already exist. My phone will fill in voice searches without needing a plugin, and I hardly need it for a non-mobile machine. Anyone who does need voice commands to operate a computer will certainly already be using dedicated software vastly faster and superior to a plugin on some distant server. Maybe I’m just missing something obvious here?
Esther Cunningham

SearchWP Live Ajax Search uses a template loader. In the plugin folder you will find a templates folder which includes search-results.php — that is what’s used out of the box to output search results. To customize that output, simply create a folder called searchwp-live-ajax-search in your theme directory and copy search-results.php into that folder. SearchWP Live Ajax Search will then use that file instead of the one that shipped with the plugin, and you can customize it as you would other theme template files.

Buy SearchWP
Jude Nieves

A single site license may be active within one WordPress install at a time. If you are testing integration with SearchWP on a staging site it is recommended that you activate the license in staging and when the site is deployed you then deactivate the license in staging and then activate it in production. You do not need a Pro (5 site) or Pro Plus (unlimited site) license to use SearchWP on a staging site, local development domains do not count against the site limit for your license.

SearchWP Review: Is It the Best WordPress Search Plugin?
Ophelia Mauro

Are your visitors frustrated by irrelevant results when searching your site? The default WordPress search feature is so basic, it can’t possibly index all of the content your visitors are searching for. In our SearchWP review, find out how this plugin can power up your search function and give your visitors the results they need.

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