How to Improve WordPress Comments with De:comments

How to Improve WordPress Comments with De: Comments Plugin?
Tamiko Rowell

Regularly developed for WordPress more and more plug-ins. Many plug-ins have been developed for easy and advanced capabilities commenting on blogs. However, the Ukrainian company decollete presented to the public its first commercial plugin called De: Comments. This plugin is specifically designed for commenting on blogs supported by WordPress themes made and designed by 8Theme team. De:Comments plugin will be perhaps the most powerful tool for submitting and editing comments.

Top WordPress Comments Plugins: Improve Your WordPress Comments Section
Julieta Lister

In this post, I’ll discuss two ways in which you can improve the WordPress comments section with plugins. First, I’ll show you how to enhance the default comments section with some helpful WordPress comments plugins. Then, I’ll show you some cool third-party solutions which can completely replace the default WordPress commenting system.

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