How to Hide Password Protected Posts From WordPress Loop

How to Hide Password Protected Galleries from WordPress Loop
Ernestine Delgado

Do you want to hide password protected galleries on your WordPress site? You may have a password protected photo gallery that you created for a client, and you don’t want it to show up in the loop along with all of your other galleries and blog posts. In this article, we will share how to hide password protected galleries from the WordPress loop.

How to hide password protected posts in WordPress
Carry Woodcock

In WordPress, you can hide the content of a post by setting a password for it. Visitors are required to enter a password to continue reading the post content. This feature is useful in some situation, for example: you have a membership website, you create a password protected post and want to send it to your selected members only, so public users can’t read it. In this case, you need to hide the post in the WordPress loops to make it not listed in the Blog page or other archive pages. In this post, I will show you how to do that with a simple code snippet.

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