How to get Features on Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs
Monica Wilkerson

i am new to being on … perhaps there is an easy answer to this that i am not seeing, so please bear with me … as a blogger one wants exposure to people who don’t know of your site at all, where your blogs get posted for anyone to see, people who do not already know of your site (i.e. those who do not already have your sites’ RSS feed) – i understand from your response that one does not get this exposure on as a self-hosted, not even via the subscription module from jetpack? correct? if so, how does everyone else who have blog-sites created via get this exposure?

How to get Features on Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs
Isabel Webb

Most of the time bloggers are starting blogging with free blogs then they are switching to the self hosted WordPress site. personally i also start my blogging with and blogger in 2008 and in 2013 i switched on Self hosted WordPress site. site comes with really nice features like :-
Halina Shipp

In your old self-hosted site, go to Tools → Export and download the .xml (WXR) file to your computer.
Benjamin Ramirez

Connect your domain name from your old site to your new site with Domain Mapping.

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