How to Generate and Add QR Codes in WordPress

How to Generate and Add QR Codes in WordPress
Ronald Woods

QR Code abbreviated for Quick Response Code is a type of two dimensional matrix barcode. Since the arrival of barcode scanner apps in mobile phones, QR Codes have been utilized by many on websites, virtual stores, and online communities. A QR Code is usually an image with white background and black squares and dots in a square shape container. Businesses can use QR codes to offer exclusive discounts, show special offers and more.

How to Generate and Add Quick Response Codes in WordPress
Kanisha Bertram

QR code which is an acronym for Quick Response code, it’s the symbol for a type of matrix barcode which is two dimensional. Basically, a barcode which is an optical label that is machine readable and contains information. A QR code is displayed as an image with a white background, black square dots, and grid in a container which is square in shape. The advent of barcode scanner apps in smartphones has increased the use of QR codes on virtual stores, online communities, and websites.

How to Add QR Codes to WordPress Posts
Meghan Porter

We can do this using ‘the_content’ filter. The the_content filter is used to filter the content of the post after it is retrieved from the database and before it is printed onto the screen. Note that the filter function must return the content after it is finished processing, or site visitors will see a blank page and other plugins that are also filtering the content may generate errors.

How To Generate QR Codes For Your WordPress Website
Tiffany Ballard

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding whether or not QR codes have any value anymore. While QR code usage has fallen off in recent years, 2018 showed us that the rise, or comeback if you will, of QR codes made them as big as ever. Since QR code usage is expected to hit 5.3 billion by 2022, it is probably a good idea to generate WordPress QR codes for your website.

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