How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

How To Fix Sidebar Below Content Error In WordPress
Delphine Creamer

The content area of your WordPress website usually has 3 container elements: the “Content” which holds all your major sites content, the “Sidebar” which displays all your sidebar content, and the “Wrap” which contains (wraps together) the “Content” and “Sidebar” elements.

How to Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress
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Errors are more common than you would think in WordPress; chances are that you are busy working on a post on WordPress and so far, the sidebar which appeared on your right or left suddenly appears at the bottom of your post. That’s no reason for you to hit the panic button but the fact remains is that WordPress is not exactly perfect and chances are that you are bound to come across this or some other form of error sooner or later. You are usually bound to get some error code but more often than not, when it comes to the side bar changing places, you do not even get a peep. As mentioned earlier, this happens a lot more than you would think but the good news is that you are working on a platform that comes packed with all the advanced functionality that you would ever need. In simple terms, you can fix the problem easily just by following the steps as shown below. This error can happen for various reasons; your side bar which was showing on the left of the screen migrated all the way towards the right or to the bottom of your content and you need to get it fixed ASAP. And you can get it resolved but before that, it’s time that you did a complete backup, just in case.

Wondering how to fix sidebar below content error in WordPress: Consult with the experts today
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However, while using WordPress, the users might encounter several issues which might spoil their overall experience. The sidebar below content error in WordPress is one of the most common errors which a WordPress user might encounter more often. Sometimes, the sidebar of the WordPress screen gets shifted from its original position and gets placed below the content. As a result, this annoying error code appears. In case you are struggling with this issue and are looking for quick remedies, consult with reliable experts. You might also apply some easy methods to fix this issue on your own. In this blog, we have provided a thorough guide to help you get rid of this error within a short span.

How To Fix The Sidebar Below Content Error In WordPress Easily?
Pam May

3. Incorrect Width & Float In CSS – By default, the average width of each page is set to be 960 px. By mistake, if you set the excess value for the width, then you will get the sidebar below content WordPress error. Likewise, when you make the fault in the Float alignment property in the CSS, then WordPress sidebar below content issue will appear.

How to Fix the WordPress Sidebar Below Content Issue
Lillie Sims

Have you made any additional changes to your site recently, such as installing a new plugin, updating a current one, or updating your theme and WordPress in general? If so, you may want to roll your site back to a time when it was functioning normally before attempting to make the change again.

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