How to Fix Skype Overwriting Phone Numbers in WordPress Themes

How to Fix Skype Overwriting Phone Numbers in WordPress Themes
Donnie Frantz

If you have Skype on your computer you may have noticed that sometimes Skype highlights phone numbers automatically when you visit a website. From a WordPress developers point of view this can be very frustrating. Not only can it make your site look bad, but it can mess up the layout as well. In fact, just recently we had a client whose page kept breaking because Skype was highlighting his phone number. Fixing this problem is not very hard. All you have to do is add some code to the head of your HTML document and it will prevent Skype from highlighting numbers in your theme no matter what browser it is being displayed on. This is the code you should paste:

Prevent Skype Overwriting Phone Numbers In WordPress Themes
Tessie Huffman

I didn’t know this was an actual problem until I read the advice on Apparently, some WordPress themes can break when Skype changes a phone number into a number you can dial with Skype. The fix is a simple one liner that you add to the HEAD section of the theme. Personally, I don’t use Skype to call out and change my options to prevent the over riding phone numbers in the first place.

WordPress. How to add clickable phone numbers for smartphones
Ruby Roberts

Open your website. If you need to add a clickable phone number to your header, the proper format to write a telephone number is the following:
<Country Code> <(Area Code)> <Local Number>. Example: +1 (555) 555-1212. However, most smart phones would also recognize these formats:

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