How to Fix “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress

How to Fix “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress
Concha Pappas

Are you seeing ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error on your WordPress site? This error makes it impossible to upload images, update themes and plugins, or update WordPress core. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in WordPress.

How to Fix Missing A Temporary Folder Error In WordPress
Jackie Woods

Most likely this error is caused due to the incorrect folder permission in your hosting environment. WordPress uses a temporary folder to store various files before saving them to the desired location. Whenever the folder permissions in your hosting environment are not appropriate, WordPress is not able to store your files in the temporary folder and throws the error. This is the reason why you find it difficult to upload images and files, update themes and even the WordPress core.
Treena Barry

In my case I am running WP 4.94 on a local Windows 7 Enterprise Server. This problem began with the version prior to upgrading to 4.94. The strange thing with this problem is that the upgrade to 4.94 downloaded and installed perfectly via ftp. Updates for plugins are also downloading and installing with no problem. Why would this be isolated to only uploading images? BTW, since I am on a local connection I can use the “Add From Server” plugin to import images locally on the LAN. The problem arises when an Author tries to upload images remotely.
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How to Fix Missing a temporary folder error in WordPress
Tanya Conner

This error comes when you try to upload media file such as image, video by WordPress browser uploader or flash uploader. WordPress shows this error when temporary upload folder not configured in php.ini file. It is possible upload temp folder is configured but path entered does not exist in the file system. To fix the issue you just need to check and correct temporary path in php.ini file. If path is in-correct you need to correct folder path or if no folder path given then you need to set temporary path.

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