How to Find Who Reads and Subscribes to Your WordPress Blog

How to Find Who Reads and Subscribes to Your WordPress Blog
Nikia Hughey

Great article. Clearly explains the topic itself. I agree with the editor that not all WordPress users are code savvy and knows their way around specially when editing codes and, core files, etc. It is good to recommend such plugin to make things easier, but then again if your goal is to limit the number of plugins you use on your blog then you need to look somewhere else or at least learn how to do it without a plugin.

Know your Audience : Find Who Reads and Subscribes To Your WordPress Blog
Stephanie Griffith

You can also find out the Keywords that are performing better, the pages that are repeatedly viewed, time spent on particular pages, subscribers list and so on. All these details are going to help you on a long-term basis.

How to Find the Number of Feedly Subscribers to Your Blog
Deena Tibbs

Having a full picture of RSS subscribers is important for publishers who want to tailor their content to appear better in feed readers. For example, if you find that you have a large number of Feedly subscribers, you will want to make sure that each post appears with an image. Feedly doesn’t have the ability to fetch your featured image. Instead, it grabs the first image displayed within your post to show as the thumbnail in its reader. If your post has no images, it will show a blank as the thumbnail, which isn’t ideal. Adding an image to each post will help you to avoid this.

Get More WordPress Email Subscribers: Step-by-Step to 2x Your List
Herminia Pennell

For me, that means checking my Google Analytics account and seeing which pages get the most organic traffic. I look at organic because this traffic is recurring, whereas social traffic is more sporadic. But if you only get social traffic, go with that.

How to Let Subscribers View Your Private WordPress Blog
Jackie Woods

Within your child theme, create a file called functions.php. This file is special. Most files in your theme will override the same file in the parent theme. If you make sidebar.php, it replaces the parent theme's sidebar. But functions.php does not override, it adds. You can put a few snippets of code in here, and still keep all the functionality of your parent theme.

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