How to Find Beautiful Background Images for Your WordPress Site

How to Find Beautiful Background Images for Your WordPress Site
Marty Leavitt

Many WordPress themes are now coming with full screen, parallax, and multiple backgrounds support. Due to this web design trend, one of our readers asked if we knew of resources to find high quality background images. In this article, we will share how to find free and beautiful background images to use on your WordPress site.

35 Free Background Images to Use on Your WordPress Website
Harold Love

I recognized and used some of them. They are actually public domains and some also found on “” which is great and easy to search for what you’re looking for. And “” wow really high-res stuff. For background free videos a good site to look at is “”. Also look up “” and “” For vintage color and B&W I don’t really know anything better than the site New Old Stock at “” really I mean really rare stuff and impressive. Also check out the free photo sections of “” and “” again top notch stuff.

How to Make Background Images Responsive in WordPress
Lara Burkholder

I’ll be using the website, made by as a case. The two screenshots below illustrate the theme default setting, cropping the background image, when moving from larger to smaller screens (in this case, iPad and mobile phone). Originally, there are 6 men in the photo, however, on iPad and mobile phones you can only see just two of them.

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