How to Enable Customer Tracking in WooCommerce with Google Analytics

How to Enable Customer Tracking in WooCommerce with Google Analytics
Ginger Malone

By default, a WooCommerce store allows your customers to create an account or checkout as a guest user. Creating an account helps the user save their shipping and billing information for faster checkout next time. It also helps you offer customers a personalized shopping experience based on their browsing and shopping history.

How to Enable Customer Tracking in WooCommerce with Google Analytics
Dixie Mason

As a matter of course, a WooCommerce store enables your clients to make a record or checkout as a visitor client. Making a record enables the client to spare their transportation and charging data for quicker checkout next time. It additionally encourages you offer clients a customized shopping background dependent on their perusing and shopping history.

Setting Up Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking in WooCommerce
Tonya Welch

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Enable Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for WooCommerce – Google Analytics How to
Ariana Bivins

Now, the plugin will automatically start tracking performance for all your WooCommerce Simple products, including product impressions, clicks, and when someone adds or removes it from a cart, and more. Keep in mind – the plugin doesn’t support other types of products, such as subscriptions, out of the box. You can add that functionality manually if you’re up to it, or try out the plugin’s premium version, which does support more advanced products and report types.

How to Enable WooCommerce Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics
Anja Brewster

Enabling conversion tracking in your WooCommerce store allows you to analyze the shopping behavior of your customers. It lets you collect and analyze purchase and transaction data of your customers, so you can make informed decisions to boost your conversions. Once you enable WooCommerce conversion tracking, you can find all the information you’ll ever need to optimize your store:

WooCommerce Docs
Sheri Cook

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool. The free WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration connects your store to your Google Analytics account to provide basic eCommerce and site analytics, using enhanced eCommerce tracking to provide valuable metrics on your store’s performance.

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