How to Easily Add a Client Feedback Form in WordPress (Step by Step)

How to Add a Customer Feedback Form to Your WordPress Site
Debbie Mann

Not only is WPForms the most beginner friendly and easy to use WordPress form builder around, it’s simple to customize. This means any of the form fields that are available that you want added to your customer feedback from can be added by dragging it from the left hand side in the Form Editor to the right hand side preview panel.

How to Add User Ratings to Your WordPress Forms (Step by Step)
Debroah Cassidy

You can display the results of a poll in your website. The poll results can be added to your form’s confirmation message or you can also use a shortcode to display the results anywhere on your site where a shortcode is allowed. With that option, it’s even possible to customize display options such as whether the number of votes is displayed.

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