How to Display Your Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress

How to Display Your Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress
Brooke Lyons

Do you want to show your Facebook page reviews and ratings on your blog? Facebook reviews include user ratings of your products or services which is a great social proof for boosting conversions. In this article, we will show you how to display your Facebook page reviews on your WordPress site.

How to Display Your Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress Website?
Angelic Beyer

Save the changes you have made, copy the application ID and place it in the plugin settings of your site. Once you have performed all these operations and saved the changes, just copy the application ID and paste it into the plugin settings page in WordPress. The WordPress plugin for Facebook comments has all the necessary set of options. The default settings can work for most sites. You can always use the plug-in settings at any time if you have any problems or you want to change something. Therefore, click the “Save Changes” button after inserting the ID. Now, go to your site and check it for Facebook comments.
Amanda Ray

Please keep in mind that plugin requests Facebook permission manage_pages to read your page reviews and show it in the widget.

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Bethel Augustine

I found this very easy to follow. I’ve added many text widgets before. Do you have any idea why I can see it while I’m in WordPress (view my site) but not on my phone or any other computer? There’s not even a space for it in the sidebar. It’s simply not there. Again, I see it on my end and definitely saved it.

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