How to Display Related Posts in WordPress

How To Display Related Posts In WordPress
Teri Powell

CP Related Posts displays related posts on your blog, based on a few different factors. Relationships between posts are developed based on keywords in the content, the post excerpt, as well as tags. This is a unique method when compared to some of the other plugins available. The plugin also offers some great display settings, allowing you to customize the output of the related posts feed. Some of the features include being able to adjust the amount of posts displayed, the type of layout used, and what information is displayed within each post (such as author, title, meta data and so on).

How to Display Related Posts by Same Author in WordPress
Ricky Waters

Do you want to display related posts by same author in WordPress? Normally, you can use any related posts plugin to show similar articles on your website. However if you run a multi-author WordPress website, then your users may want to read other content from the same author. In this article, we will show you how to display related posts by same author in WordPress.

How To Display WordPress Related Posts By Category and Tag
My Stout

If you go through the most of the internet websites you will see that after each post or in between they showing the related posts widget. The related post is a feature that built on the website to show the same interest articles on the post page. If you are a WP CMS user then you can also enable WordPress related posts features either manually by coding or using related post plugin. The related posts not only helps you in increasing the page views but also decrease the bounce rate.

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